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Sustainability Policy


Our Company's corporate philosophy as embedded in us by our Founder, requires that our business activities and objectives must be served on the tenets of good corporate citizenship. We serve the needs of our business based on transparency, integrity, sustainability, innovation and on our commitment to our stake holders and society. This entails our commitment to the principles of sound corporate governance and setting of highest standards of ethical performance for ourselves.

We recognise that the concept of good corporate citizenship is an evolving one, and we accordingly evolve our business practices to keep pace with the changing requirements: yet it is equally true that the basic tenets of good corporate citizenship do not change.

This policy statement has been developed to articulate clear guidelines pertaining to our obligations and expectations and this statement is applicable to all our Company divisions, our employees and to our relationship with our stake holders.

Policy Statement

  • We are an ethical company dedicated to ensuring that we use only those resources required to achieve our legitimate business objectives, while doing what we can to conserve existing natural resources such as to ensure that there will be sufficient resources for future generations, while also contributing to our communities and the communities in which we and our suppliers and customers live.
  • We shall conduct our business responsibly, with integrity and with respect for the interest of all our stakeholders who are directly or indirectly related to our operations.
  • We shall uphold the values of trust, honesty and just dealings in our relationship with all stakeholders.
  • While pursuing our business objectives, we shall always endeavour to strike the right balance amongst economic progress, environmental protection and social responsibilities.
  • We shall adopt principles of Responsible Care® and encourage and support our partners to embrace these principles.
  • Create conducive environment for the employees and community in and around our business operations for improvement in quality of life through enhanced economic, educational and healthcare opportunities.
  • Continually improve and enhance our capabilities through innovative approach to deploy sustainable technology solutions and efficient use of scarce and natural resources.
  • We shall always comply with, and exceed, where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
  • It is the responsibility of each employee of the company to ensure that these principles are upheld across our business operations and commercial relationships, and that each employee serves as an ambassador for the company in all our communities.

Our Commitment

The company stands committed to its responsibility towards society and our goal is to ensure that our economic growth is socially and environmentally sustainable. Our business efforts would be towards inclusive development and we aim that the "people grow with us and we grow with people". We attract, nurture and help people grow.

Environment Sustainability

Environment and Regulatory Compliance

  • We are committed to provide total environment safety & industrial hygiene measures, excellent housekeeping, congenial working environment and regulatory compliance. Our factory, plant.
  • Facilities fully compliant with regulatory approvals backed with strong environment management
  • Best possible recycling & recovery of by-products and solvents
  • Excellent housekeeping and congenial working environment
  • Innovate processes to minimize waste, in order to achieve high standards of environmental safety
  • Continuous efforts for Energy Saving
  • Conserve and manage water efficiently
  • Soothing landscaping and greenery

Health & Safety Compliance

PI Industries Limited is committed:

  • To adopt sound manufacturing practices to minimize pollutants, occupational health and safety risks
  • To continuously work for cost effective technological improvements to minimize risks to human beings, property and reduce adverse environmental impact
  • To continually improve health, safety and environmental performance
  • To inculcate safety culture in its people and processes on a continuous basis
  • To provide extensive training to farmers on safe & judicious handling and use of pesticides

Social Responsibility and Community Development

Our continuous and active participation in various social upliftment and rural development programes are targeted t07

  • Increase agricultural productivity, and enable national food security
  • Raise the income of the farmers
  • Conserve and manage water efficiently for irrigational purposes
  • Capacity building, farm extension services, and empowerment of farmers.
  • Provide support,including financial assistance to various NGOs and Voluntary Organisations to aid community development programmes
  • Support and provide resources for activities that promote sports, art, culture, education, and health.
  • Take up projects and support vocational and skills development for youth to enable their employability.

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