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PI Foundation

PI Foundation was established as a trust in the year 2012 to provide dedicated focus to community development and the CSR initiatives.

In line with our CSR philosophy, PI Foundation undertook several community development initiatives over the years, a glimpse of which is presented ahead.


Water Conservation through Improved Agriculture Practices: PI Foundation works closely with Policy Makers, Industry Chambers, Agricultural Universities, NGOs and Farmers on the Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) Technology. Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR) is recognized as highly efficient in saving water. Agriculture uses over 85% of India’s water resources and within it Rice alone uses about half the water used in Indian agriculture. DSR with its eco-friendly characteristics is being seen as a potential alternative to conventional transplanted rice. In the national drive of “per drop, more crop” DSR technique holds immense potential in saving this precious resource. Over the years, our efforts have resulted in changing the rice cultivation practice into DSR in over 18 lac acres of farmlands; a saving of over 1.6 trillion litres of water annually.



Mobile Health Units: PI Foundation initiated “SWASTHYA Seva” through three Mobile Medical Units with an aim to provide access to preventive, promotive and curative health care to 60 remote villages of Jambusar Taluka, primarily to cater to over one lakh people residing in these villages. On an average every month a van attends to over 2100 patients in the coverage area. The project is conducted in partnership with GVK, EMRI. Extension of Medical services through Mobile Medicare Van has been the flagship program of the CSR initiatives around plant location. Elderly, Women and Children all benefit from the services rendered by Mobile Medical van. As a result financial burden of villagers on health expenditure has been tremendously reduced. Prior to the introduction of PI Mobile Medicare Van services, people not only spent lot of time and money in commuting long distances, but also were dependent on quacks for actual service delivery and thus had to compromise with low quality services.


Hygiene & Sanitation

PI Foundation actively participates in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme of Government of India, giving priority to the provision of household toilets and school toilets, particularly for girls, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our programmes mostly focus around Ankleshwar and Jambusar where PI’s manufacturing units are located.

Through this initiation, PI Foundation has contributed towards construction of 559 toilets under PPP model for the marginalized communities in Sarod and Nondhana villages of Jambusar Taluka and Sanjali village of Ankleshwar Taluka. Our intervention has accelerated sanitation coverage in rural areas to achieve the vision of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan and brought an overall improvement in the quality of life in surrounding villages of the plant location at Jambusar & Panoli.



Education is the entry point activity in all the villages around our plant location. PI Foundation recognizes education as a key element in overall development of citizens. Based on the gaps in surrounding schools, PI Foundation provides support to children enrolled in these schools for improving the enrolment, attendance and quality of education. The Foundation also encourages participation of School Management Committee in the activities focused on overall development of children. Our support towards various school infrastructure developments ensures improvement in the delivery of quality education to children.


Women Empowerment

Women empowerment programme is aimed at “Entrepreneurship development and Skill Enhancement of over 10,000 Women members of self-help group by access to finances, resources, opportunities and strengthening of traditional livelihood opportunities in villages of Jambusar and Panoli. The programme has been effective in the formation of Self Help Groups, opening of Bank Accounts, internal lending & 100% repayment of loans and bank linkages so far. The programme has also created platforms for women to engage with Government machinery for accessing their rights and entitlements. The centre point of project is the development of skills of women members for pursuing Income generating activities, building financial capital for improved access to credit on a sustainable basis & build-up of modest asset base for undertaking new ventures. The programme has created positive impact on earnings of over 2500 members directly and over 5000 family members indirectly.


Sustainable Agriculture

Promotion of DSR Technology: Promotion of DSR Technology: PI Foundation is creating awareness amongst Policy Makers, Industry Chambers, Universities, NGOs and Farmers on the Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) Technology, which helps 25-30% savings in costs related to irrigation and energy, water conservation, labour since there is no transplantation apart from benefits on improved soil porosity and less carbon emission translating to a savings of nearly Rs. 7,000 per hectare to the farmer. PI Foundation is actively working with several State Agriculture Universities (SAU) and State Agriculture Departments and NGOs in promotion of DSR technology and practices amongst farmers. Our efforts have resulted in changing the rice cultivation practice to DSR in over 18 lac acres, a saving of over 1.6 trillion litres of water annually.


Skill Development

Agri Skill Development: : PI Foundation along with government institutions and specialized agencies in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka imparted vocational training to rural youth with a view to enhance their employability. In the first year of its inception, 120 rural youth from agricultural families, who had already passed Higher Secondary, completed the 45 days residential vocational training which included both theory & practical lessons. A specialized curriculum covering the wide range of topics which a farmer encounters in their agricultural practices is packaged focused on honing the farm skills to increase productivity with judicious use of land, water and other available resources. 100% of the trained youth were successfully placed on completion of the program. Till date ~400 youth have been trained through this programme and we are now initiating similar skill development programs in other states.


Employee Engagement through CSR

PI Foundation through its engagement programmes ignites interest amongst staff and associates where contribution to the society is voluntary.


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Enjoys track record of stellar performance in terms of quantity, quality and on-time deliveries.

An important global partner with leading innovator agro chemical companies and MNCs

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