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CSR Policy

  • Our CSR Policy shall be directed towards inclusive development that creates value for society and caters to the needs of our people.
  • The CSR initiatives will be focused to enable the citizen to enjoy the benefits of science led innovations.
  • Our goal is to ensure that our economic growth is socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • The targeted beneficiaries of our CSR activities will be marginalized, disadvantaged, poor or deprived sections of the community.
  • We shall part take part in the socio-economic developmental activities of the communities around our plant locations and area of operations, so that the weaker and marginalized sections of the society will have a sustainable higher income and better standard of living.
  • We will enable through our CSR activities the local community access to basic amenities like safe drinking water, health and sanitation.
  • We will focus and support our community in attaining Millennium development goals.
  • We will provide them sustainable livelihood options and handhold them through training and skill development.
  • We will promote education and engage in employment enhancing vocational skills, especially to under privileged youth/students and farmers.
  • We will engage in programmes enabling poverty eradication, increase in farm productivity and food security.
  • We will promote activities reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups.
  • We will engage in projects ensuring environment sustainability and conservation of limited natural resources. We will promote water conservation on mass scale.
  • We will engage in capacity building programmes of micro and small manufacturing units.
  • We will actively involve in rural development projects. In rural areas we will focus on rural infrastructure development activities like setting up of Distance Education Centres, Krishi Mitra Kendras/ Agri Clinics, Rural BPOs, Common Service Centres (CSCs) /Community Centres, Skill Development Centres, Adoption of Primary Health Centres, Village Roads, Street Lights, Watershed Development activities, Revival of Water bodies, Irrigation and Water Storage Structures, etc.
  • We will support and supplement Government programmes and initiatives.

Our Modalities of Execution of such Projects

  • PI Industries will identify various developmental projects to participate and implement it “either by the company directly or through PI Foundation or through an implementing agency fulfilling the CSR rules”.
  • PI Foundation will work closely with the PI CSR Committee in executing the projects.
  • We will initiate Public-Private-Community Participation Programmes, if needed.
  • Our partners in development activities are NGOs, Farmer Producer Organisations, State Universities, Government bodies, District Authorities, Village Panchayats, Chambers of Commerce, Local Bodies/Community and the People at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • All our CSR projects will be in the form of Projects/Programmes.
  • Our CSR Projects will have the following components:
    • Need Based Assessment/Baseline Survey/Study
    • Clearly identified time frame
    • Specific annual financial allocation
    • Clearly identified milestones
    • Clearly identified & measurable objectives /goals
    • Robust & periodic review & monitoring
    • Evaluation & Assessment, most probably through third party

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