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Rajnish Sarna

Mr. Rajnish Sarna
Joint. Managing Director

Mr. Rajnish Sarna is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a diverse experience of over 3 decades in the areas of Business Development & Strategy, Customer Relationship Mgt., Operations, Finance, Risk Mgt, Legal Contracting & Compliances, Investor relations, Information Technology and Process Reengineering, etc.

He has been associated with PI for nearly 25 years and is responsible for the overall transformation of the Company over the last several years by managing numerous portfolios from Finance, IT, Business Development, CSM operations, and Merger & Acquisition related activities. His current role is focused on identifying new business opportunities, Mergers & Acquisitions, evaluate and execute such possibilities apart from various other strategic initiatives, Investor relations, and handling joint-ventures and key customer relationships on behalf of the Company and also Chief Investor Relation Officer.

He is currently on the Board of PI Life Science Research Ltd., PILL Finance and Investment Ltd., Solinnos Agro Sciences Pvt. Ltd., PI Kumiai Pvt. Ltd, Jivagro Ltd, PI Fermachem Pvt. Ltd and PI Enzachem Pvt. Ltd

Top reasons to invest in PI:

Enjoys track record of stellar performance in terms of quantity, quality and on-time deliveries.

An important global partner with leading innovator agro chemical companies and MNCs

A rich pipeline of high quality crop protection products for farmers in the agrochemicals industry, crucial for India’s food security

Ethical, fair and driven by Trust, Adaptability, Speed and Innovation

Respects product patents, safety, health and environment