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Ms. Lisa J Brown

Ms. Lisa J Brown
Additional Director

Ms. Lisa J Brown (DIN: 07053317), aged 42 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Derby and is a registered Trade mark Attorney and member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.

Ms. Brown has an extensive and rich experience of more than 2 decades in diverse sectors including, industrial, technology, consumer etc. with an in-depth expertise on subjects like IP management, compliance, risk assessment and corporate restructuring. She has demonstrated value through an approach of risk-based analysis to deliver corporate growth, strategy execution and governance through her various board and executive roles held in reputed organisations:

  • Attorney in law firms in the United Kingdom from 2000-2006
  • Group Head of Intellectual Property until October 2007 with SSL International Plc. London, United Kingdom
  • Legal Director and Company Secretary for Pets at Home Limited, a national retailer in the United Kingdom, until November 2011
  • Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary of WABCO Holdings Inc at present

The induction of Ms. Brown on the board shall help the company to strategize its inorganic initiative’s more efficiently apart from strengthening the existing risk compliance and governance framework.

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